Sunday, January 4, 2009

Fall 2008 Catch-Up!

Well, four months later and we're finally back. This past semester has been grueling for both Caleb and I---on top of our regular classes, we've been applying to graduate schools and maintaining our semester jobs. We were busy, but although our food blog that suffered, our stomachs didn't!. We may not have had time to blog about our cooking adventures, but we certainly made enough time for our tongues to get a taste of each endeavor!

In late October, we cheered on an eventual Obama victory with Obama-themed cookies (some with the Obama symbol and others with confetti, since we were confident about the outcome!). They were cute, but were eagerly feasted upon at our shared friend's Obama party on election night. Yes we can!

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Shortly thereafter, we attended the Biglerville Applefest, an annual tradition out here in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. In addition to enjoying delicious homemade cider and pumpkin funnel cake (both of which were delicious!), we made our own caramel apples, dripping with hot caramel and roasted peanuts. Delicious!

During a dinner party in November, we also discovered the simple pizazz of Banana's Foster, a new favorite dish. What says "wow" like flames and liquor?

Finally, to cheer in Christmas and the month-long winter break we students wait so long for, Caleb and I baked Christmas cupcakes, each one individually and uniquely decorated:

Now that the busiest semester is over and winter break is drawing to a close, our New Years resolutions include just one thing: cook, cook, cook! And this semester, that'll mean blog, blog, blog.

See you soon!

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